Owners Association – Information, rules, good advice and tips

This is an English translation of a Danish document. The original Danish wording is the official document.

Meet the board

Residents can contact the board in person on the first Tuesday of the month from 18:00-18:30 at the property office. It is the board’s wish to be in close dialogue with residents for the benefit of all. The board can also be contacted by sending an e-mail to bestyrelsen@langelinie3-9.dk.


The owner’s association has its own website which can be found on www.langelinie3-9.dk. Here you will be able to find a wide range of practical information, references, news and links. Some information will also be posted in the hall on the ground floor or distributed through the mailboxes.

Shared spaces

There is a shared room to be found in the basement for bicycles, as well as a storage room for baby prams and strollers on the ground floor. Bicycles, prams and strollers are not allowed by the stair ledges. “Inactive” bicycles should be placed in the individual storage rooms. A pneumatic pump for bicycles can be found in the bicycle room closest to the gate outside the parking lot.


Parking in the downstairs parking lot is exclusive for residents who have purchased or rented a parking spot. The parking spots in front of the building are recommended for other vehicles. A remote controlled gate opener can be ordered through the caretaker. The gate can also be opened with the main door key via the lock on the outside of the gate. If the gate does not open, please contact a member of the board. It is a requirement of the fire department that only vehicles are placed on the parking spots downstairs. Residents with a car can buy a residents permit for the parking spots outside.

Storage room

There is one storage room per apartment in the basement. No installations or changes to the storage room are allowed.

Transport carriages in the basement

Every apartment block has a special built transport carriage to be used for moving heavy objects, baggage etc. The carriage is placed in the parking lot in the basement. The key for the main door fits the lock. Please return the carriage clean and immediately after use.


A spot for washing cars can be found in the far end of the basement for everyone’s use.

Workshop for common use

A change in the caretaker’s duties has promoted a welcome opportunity to create a workshop corner for common use. This can be found in the bicycle room closest to the gate outside the parking lot. Residents are welcome to leave behind privately owned tools for everyone to use.


There is an emergency call button in every elevator. By pushing the button for more than 6 seconds, a phone call is placed to an alarm centre. It is only allowed to call for help if persons are stuck in the elevator. In case of operation disturbances, contact the caretaker.

Dogs and cats are allowed

It is, according to the agreed rules, allowed to have one dog or one cat in the property, as long as this is of no disturbance to other residents. Additionally, the laws on dogs apply, hereunder illegal breeds.

Music etc.

Tolerance is different from person to person. Please keep this in mind when using musical instruments, stereo systems, TV etc. Noisy behaviour should be minimized between 24:00 and 06:00.


New keys can be ordered by showing up in person and with residence documentation at: Københavns Låsekompagni, Holbergsgade 11, 1057 Kbh. K. tlf: 40 631 631. The caretaker does not keep spare keys for individual apartments. Access to the rooftop terrace and basement is possible by use of apartment key. It is highly recommended to keep a spare key somewhere around Copenhagen. In case of leakage by a water pipe etc. during travelling, it would be beneficial for the board to have access to the phone number of the chosen spare key holder.

Prevent break-ins

Neighbour surveillance is the best means against a break-in. The residents themselves are the “weakest link” meaning don’t let anyone into the building without making sure they have a purpose for being there. Also be aware of “innocent” wishes to deliver flowers etc.

Grill and open fire

Gas grills and electric grills are permitted on the rooftop terrace. Open fire is not allowed on the terrace or near the property. Grills can be stored in the terrace furniture storage room.

Rooftop terrace

On the rooftop terrace is furniture for everyone’s use. The caretaker will bring out the furniture and maintain and clean them at the beginning and end of summer. Whoever uses the furniture, has a duty to clean up after themselves. Herbs are grown on the terrace for common use.  After 23:00, noisy behaviour on the terrace is not allowed. Music is not allowed, as is using fireworks.


It is not allowed to set up a parabola antenna anywhere on the exterior face of the building.

Christmas trees

Christmas trees can be placed on the rooftop terrace by the railing from the 1st to the 24th of December. Labelling is recommended. When throwing away the trees, please use the bulk trash compartment. Please clean up fir in the hallways, elevator and basement.


A building insurance (“bygningsforsikring”) is in place from Nykredit Forsikring. A copy of the policy can be acquired from the administrator. Please be aware of the fact that the insurance mainly only covers damage done to the building/parts of the building. It is the resident’s responsibility to insure him or herself against damage done to privately owned objects and window glass.

Payment of shared expenses

Bills for payment of shared expenses like heating etc. will be sent to you approximately 8 days before the last payment date.

Trash chute

Please use the trash chute on the different floors for kitchen trash. Trash bags must be closed responsibly, especially those with diapers. Pizza boxes, flamingo and cardboard block the chute and should instead go to the bulk trash compartment. If the chute is blocked, please contact a member of the board who has the key to the room under the chute.

Bulk trash, bottles, newspapers, batteries and electronics

Bulk trash should go to the specially designed container room outside the basement parking lot. No perishable objects are to be thrown into the container. Access to the container room can be achieved by using the main door key. Paint and chemicals can also be thrown away here. Newspapers and used batteries are to be placed in the closed containers in the basement parking lot. Electronics and household appliances should be placed on the shelves just inside the doors. Christmas trees can also be placed here. Container for bottles is placed on the street by the bicycle rack by building 9.


It is not permitted to smoke in the elevator, on the stairs or public hallways.


The stairs are cleaned once a week and by demand. The common walking areas on the different floors are not to be used for prams, skateboards etc. Private decoration items, for example flowerpots or art, are allowed (although max 75 cm tall) but only one item, for practical reasons. Please be accepting towards neighbour complaints and opinions. Everyone has different tastes.

Maintenance of windows

Due to the closeness of the ocean, extra maintenance is required for the window frames. The opening mechanisms should be lubricated once a month with for example Tri-Flow. Lack of maintenance can result in leaking window frames. Regulating the screws in the window frame can stop draft. Please be aware that the property’s insurance does not cover water seeping through the window frames, unless it is as a result of a storm. For lubrification of vents, WD-40 is recommended.

Window washing

The windows are washed 4 times a year from the outside. This happens in the middle month of the quarter and specific dates will be posted in your apartment block. The specific time for penthouse apartments will also be posted. The window washing will start earliest 08:00AM. Please place complaints in the post box by the property office or tell a board member in person.


Blinds must be white to ensure the buildings uniformity and character.

The owners’ association’s accounting

The accounting follows the calendar year and is completed by December 31st. The residents will every year, in relation to the yearly general assembly, receive this accounting along with accounting that shows usage distribution for individual apartments. A state authorized auditor revises the accounting.

Consumption expenses

Water and heat are settled once a year, usually in January/February. As soon as the heat and water accounting arrives, the individual owner will receive this from the administrator to show the individual apartments water and heat use. Notice! Because shared expenses and water/heat expenses according to the agreed rules always follows the apartment, arrears and repayments existing from earlier apartment owners will be noted down to be paid by the owner of the apartment at the time of usage. When an apartment changes owner, additional measurement, on your own bill, can take place via the administrator. Electricity usage is dealt with directly through the electricity company. Electricity gauges for every apartment are placed in the basement parking lot. You can identify your own gauge by the gauge number.

Borrowing drill and stacking-chairs

Drill for private use can be borrowed at the property office on a daily basis. Please follow the rules and regulations stated on the box. The owner’s association also has stacking chairs that can be borrowed.

Radio, TV and Internet

Amendatory basic package for radio and TV is charged through the monthly contribution to the property’s administration. If a larger package is purchased for radio, TV or Internet, charges will be dealt with directly with the distributing company.

Nametags for doors

It is a requirement that residents use the standard nametags that have been used since the building was built. Please tell the property office what you wish to have written on the nametags by the entrance, the mailbox and your apartment door. Owners must pay charges for engraving etc.

Agreed rules

A set of agreed owner association rulescan be found on the website www.langelinie3-9.dk.


When selling the apartment, the administration must be informed in order for registration of new owners, owner mortgage for collateral etc. to take place.


Rules for renting out an apartment/renting an apartment are stated in the agreed rules. When renting out a parking spot, the offer must first go towards residents of the building. A copy of the rent terms and conditions is in this case sent to the director of the board.

Mooring spot

There are two possibilities when looking for a mooring spot: the old LangelinieLystbådehavn (LLB) and the new one in Sdr. Frihavns Vestre Bassin (Amerikakaj) called Søndre Frihavn Lystbådehavn (SFL). Waiting lists should be expected at both locations, dependent on the category of the boat. If you own a dinghy without a mast, a spot in Østre Bassin (eastern basin) can be temporarily allocated. For a spot at LLB, contact the harbourmaster on tlf. 35 26 23 38. For a SFL spot, call the harbourmaster on tlf. 20 74 98 77. For more information, see the two harbours websites which can be found on www.langelinie3-9.dk.

Common house Langelinie Alle 4

PFA have rented out the banquet rooms for owners as well. PFA have stated that the house in time will be disposed of. Contact the tenants caretaker at the property office, Indiakaj 9B, tlf. 35 38 20 15 if you wish to rent the rooms.

In your apartment… when and if

The individual owner cannot make any changes to the building, outside of their own apartment. Changes inside the apartment could require an acceptance from the municipality. Supportive walls may not be taken down. It is the owner’s responsibility that craftsmen do not set up equipment and materials in the hallways. The colour of the main door must stay the same. The woodwork on the building (penthouse apartments) must remain untreated. In regards to changes or reparations to water installations (taps, cisterns), it is often important to turn off the water for the given apartment.

In types 9, 10 and 11, this takes place in locked rooms that the caretaker has a key for. Therefore, it is important to tell the caretaker in advance so other residents are as little affected as possible.

Notice that it is not permitted to repair or make changes to for example water or electricity installations by yourself. Authorized craftsmen are needed, and the ones regularly used by the building are recommended. See “håndværkerliste” (useful phone numbers). The owner’s association can in certain cases need access to the electrical installations. If access to the gauges is not possible, the owner will be charged the use of a craftsman.

Vertical and horizontal pipes

The general rule is that all vertical pipes fall under the responsibility of the owner’s association. Horizontal pipes, and reparations made to them, are however under the responsibility of the individual owners.

Odours from the drain

Odours are a normal problem, especially from the showers. Cleaning and spraying water directly into the drain can often fix the problem.

No separate ventilation

The building has a shared ventilation system used in all apartments and bathrooms. If renovating the kitchen, installation of own motor powered ventilation (hood) is not allowed. In case of fire, the fire can spread in this direction. Private installations can also cause too much pressure in the pipes and lead to odours in other apartments.

In emergencies

Damage done to property under the responsibility of the owner’s association should be communicated to the administrator, caretaker or board. If a craftsman is called and it is not an emergency or approved by the owner’s association, the individual owner will be charged.