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New Energy Meters

– check your own consumption


The time has come to update our heat measuring system.

After thorough research, we have now chosen the best solution available.

The new system will give us an exact and wireless measuring, and you

will be able to follow your own consumption on the internet.


We expect the installation to take place in the second half of October.

As soon as we know the exact dates of the installation, you will be further informed.

Birger Jensen      Hanne Lykke-Meyer

Tlf. 23 61 05 74      Tlf. 25 14 08 25


New key system for building’s exterior doors

Shortly before Christmas, the video surveillance equipment was renewed and improved. Starting next week (january 14th), the next step of the board’s plan to maximize safety will commence. This implies that all commonly shared keys to the building’s outer doors will be replaced with chips, as shown in the picture, as well as remote controls to enter the basement by car. Only privately owned keys to the buildings individual apartments and basement storage rooms will remain. These keys will remain unchanged. All outer doors which allow access to the main building will in the future be opened by a pre-programmed chip through the use of a card reader that will be put in place by the doors in question (picture 2). The entrances in question are the main building doors, the elevator entrance doors on floor T, bike storage room doors, basement parking ports as well as the doors to the small rooms between the elevator and basement. For roof-top terraces and the doors leading to the storage compartments, the current apartment key must still be used.

By implementing the new system, we are able to eliminate and render useless all the keys that different workers or old residents have forgotton to return. Through the years, this has become more than just a few keys – enough so that the board can no longer turn a blind eye when it comes to our safety. With the new system, we will be able to tell, at all times which keys were used to open which doors, should the situation call for it. If a chip is lost, it can be immediately cancelled through the computer in the caretaker’s office in the basement, much like the system used when checking out of a hotel.

4 chips per apartment

Before the new system is implemented, 4 chips per apartment and 1 remote per parking space will be given out. These will have to be signed for. All costs pertaining the set up of the new system will be financed through the usual monthly payment to the owners association. This means that no extra payment or bill will be necessary.

The new chips are available for pick-up by owners (or apartment renters with proof of residence) at the caretaker’s office during opening hours throughout February. This means mondays, wednesdays and fridays from 09-12. Please call the caretaker, Frank Schultz, in advance on 20 10 04 57 as he is often busy elsewhere in the building. Due to these circumstances, the office will also be open every tuesday night from 18:00-18:30 during February.

Additional chips, besides the original 4, are available for an extra cost of 60 DKK per chip. This covers purchase, coding, VAT etc. New remotes are available for 120 DKK per unit and can only be ordered by the apartment/parking space owner. The cost of the extra chips/remotes will be included in the next months payment towards the owners association.

During February, it will be possible to use both the chip and the old key. From the 1st of March, the locks for the keys will be removed. The same goes for remotes,. Locked apartment spaces in the basement will not be affected by the changes, and for these, the old remotes must still be used.